ACT! Sales Software: The Perfect Tool for Your Sales Road Warriors

Your sales reps are out on the road, calling on current and prospective customers and you want to give them everything they need to meet, and even exceed, their sales goals and your expectations. You’ve read everything you can get your hands on and you have some great platforms in place – but your sales reps are still struggling. Have you checked into the power Sage CRM? and more specifically that of Sage’s ACT! Sales Software?  If not, you may want to keep reading to find out what you are currently missing.

ACT! Sales Software Takes CRM to the Next Level

Client relationship management tends to be one of those platforms that resides on your network for every person who touches the account to use and sales reps to reference when they are in the office. But, everyone knows that the real sales deals don’t get done while the sales rep is sitting at his or her desk. ACT! Sales Software makes sure your sales reps have access to everything they need while they are on the road. You capture data on your customers for a reason – to better serve the customer and create the ultimate customer experience. Your sales reps need access to this data while on the road to be better equipped to get the job done. ACT! Sales Software is designed on this premise.

Premium Options on the Road: ACT! Sales Software

Your sales reps can be so much more successful and effective if they are able to track customer activities while on the road. ACT! Sales Software enables your road warriors to track prospects and those making purchases. Sales reps can access total customer histories and understand the customer overall to better present a complete solution. And, it doesn’t take the most seasoned of sales reps to understand how much more easy it is to sell the solution that fits the customer than it is to try and get the customer to fit the solution. ACT! Sales Software provides your sales reps with all the information they need to take the customer experience to the desired level of satisfaction.

Automatic Tools in ACT! Sales Software

While your sales reps are on the road, what sales contact software do they use to organize all of their activities? Sure, they likely have their own systems and processes for completing their tasks, but how well can this integrate into your CRM platform? ACT! Sales Software makes this easy for you and your sales reps to integrate activities and information into your sales process. Follow-ups are an important part of the sales process and an inability to schedule them properly or forgetting to do them at all won’t help your sales reps be successful. ACT! Sales Software makes it easy to schedule tasks such as important automatic follow-ups and includes reminders for sales reps when action is needed on their part.

Improve Customer Relationships with ACT! Sales Software

Sales really is all about relationships and you must provide your sales reps with the tools they need to build and maintain quality interactions with customers over the long term. With ACT! Sales Software, sales reps deliver better service, while this capability is also extended to anyone who touches an account, including IT professionals, maintenance technicians and more. The ACT! Sales Software approach to relationship management helps everyone win.