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Online marketing solutions provider Prospect Digital has launched 6.0. Build Your Market promises to tightly integrate CRM, web marketing, marketing communications, compliance assurance and variable-data-print engines. 6.0 version seeks to act as advisors’ virtual marketer, automatically drip marketing the database with full-color, NASD-reviewed print and electronic marketing collateral that guides prospects through the conversion funnel.

“We pioneered on-line ‘drip marketing’ for financial advisors with our ‘7-touch’ marketing program and now we’ve taken the concept of nurture marketing to a whole new level,” stated Prospect Digitial CEO Kathran Martin. So there.

Company PR states that the product can be had “for the price of a daily cup of coffee.” (Okay, but is that Starbucks’ extra megagrande or a Dunkin’ Donuts small or a Dixie cup of instant?)

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