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  • Founded in 1994, CDC Software provides enterprise applications designed to improve performance and deliver a superior customer experience. CDC’s extensive portfolio of products are proven to increase profitability, and Pivotal CRM has become one of the most popular CRM software offerings worldwide.

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  • NetSuite is one of the largest providers of business software, and with 6,600 customers worldwide, NetSuite has solidified themselves as one of the top providers of Web-based CRM. NetSuite has received numerous awards, including: ISM’s Top 15 CRM Software Award 2009, the 2009 CRM Excellence Award from Customer Interaction Magazine, and the 2008 Software Satisfaction Awards for Best Enterprise CRM Software and Best Mid-Range CRM Software.

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  • C2CRM is a 100 percent web-based CRM application, but also provides 100 percent offline capabilities to ensure that users can have quick and easy access to important customer information. The highly scalable CRM software is ideal for small to mid-size businesses and can be sold as software and a hardware solution leveraging IBM equipment, but is also platform independent.

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