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About NetSuite

Since 1998, NetSuite has been the leading provider of On-demand web-based CRM software for fast-growing and mid-sized businesses.  Thousands of customers rely on NetSuite CRM to manage many key business operations, including: Customer relationship management (CRM), inventory, accounting and finance, order fulfillment, e-commerce, product assembly, and employee productivity.

NetSuite enables organizations to manage all core business functions from a central hub, which includes capabilities in customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting and finance, and e-Commerce. By delivering their suite of business management tools as an on-demand service, NetSuite is able to provide organizations with easy-to-use, real-time technology with no large up-front fees or hardware procurement.


Netsuite CRM – Sales Force Automation

Netsuite CRM- Marketing Automation

Netsuite CRM – Customer Service and Support

Netsuite CRM – Partner Relationship Management

NetSuite CRM Solutions

  • NetSuite CRM
  • NetSuite CRM+

NetSuite CRM Technology Model

  • Hosted

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NetSuite CRM Highlights

  • With over 16,000 customers worldwide, NetSuite has established themselves as the #1 provider of web-based CRM. NetSuite’s web-based CRM allows for access anywhere, anytime, and is proven to reduce IT costs.
  • NetSuite has received numerous awards, including: ISM’s Top 15 CRM Software Award 2009, the 2009 CRM Excellence Award from Customer Interaction Magazine, and the 2008 Software Satisfaction Awards for Best Enterprise CRM Software and Best Mid-Range CRM Software.

Benefits of NetSuite CRM

  • NetSuite CRM uses real-time role-based dashboards to drive service, marketing, and sales performance.
  • NetSuite provides CRM software that allows users to gain 360-degree visibility of customer data and interactions.
  • Using automated commission and upsell management capabilities, combined with precise sales forecasts, NetSuite CRM vastly improves sales performance.
  • NetSuite CRM leverages joint lead and campaign management to increase collaboration throughout the enterprise.
  • Complete case management and customer history allows users to improve customer satisfaction and address customer issues quickly and efficiently
  • NetSuite provides a web-based CRM application with complete integration across all business processes, uniting and streamlining the order management processes.
  • NetSuite’s bevy of analysis and reporting features help to measure campaign performance, and to re-direct marketing budgets to create a greater return on investment.
  • NetSuite’s mobile access features allow customers to use the latest CRM technology anytime, anywhere.

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