The first free suite

Small business solutions provider Office Interactive, Inc. has announced the launch of the first free Web-based application designed for individuals and small teams. Office Interactive an Internet-based suite of collaboration and productivity tools developed for individuals and small businesses. The eponymously named Office Interactive provides extensive collaboration capability available to individuals and small businesses for the first time, and includes tools for work involving calendars, contacts, discussion boards ocument management, team mail, team messenger and XML/RSS feeds, among others.

Powerful CRM and management modules allow solutions in billing, customer service, human resources, expense management, marketing, project management, and sales. Office Interactive Inc. trumpets their products as an answer to the “neglect” traditional software vendors have shown toward to the small business segment. Office Interactive, Inc. President / Co-founder Raz Choudhury says that “Most products were either too expensive or were inadequate for small business.

Office Interactive was built from the ground up on the belief that individuals and small businesses should have access to a free and easy-to-use platform that will grow with their needs.” The New York City-based Office Interactive, Inc. was established in 2004 to build Internet-based applications for the small- and large-sized company markets.

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