CRM Success Story: 24 Hour Fitness

Customer relations management (CRM) solutions are known to empower companies to more readily anticipate and respond to customer needs. Robust solutions help to integrate systems across the enterprise in order to deliver on sales expectations.

24 Hour Fitness, a privately owned and operated fitness chain, discovered that its disparate corporate sales groups systems needed to be consolidated onto one CRM platform. Without this consolidation, the company lacked a single view of its customers.

In the past, 24 Hour Fitness had attempted to consolidate on ACT!, yet ran into integration problems, data transfer challenges and even stolen laptops. The company needed a stress free solution that could be customized and brought in without draining the company’s IT resources. To accomplish these goals, 24 Hour Fitness turned to

To help meet its needs, 24 Hour Fitness selected the Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition and extended the use of this platform by installing applications from the AppExchange marketplace. To integrate a complete CRM solution, the Sales Cloud’s customer service application was added for 24 Hour Fitness’ client- and office-support teams.

The cloud-based CRM was deployed in just 45 days and provided 24 Hour Fitness with easy customization. And, with simple training, users began to quickly adopt the solution and share account information across the company.

As a result of this implementation, the corporate sales department at 24 Hour Fitness is up 30 percent year over year as the Sales Cloud provides a clear and consolidated view of the sales pipeline. Dashboards also provide for better transparency, reporting and communications throughout global teams, and ease-of-use combined with training helped to drive adoption.

Custom links within the system ensure users have access to other 24 Hour Fitness systems while working in the Sales Cloud environment to drive maximum efficiency and productivity.

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