Sage CRM Takes A Sage View For The Future

Sage CRM Solutions has unveiled its global CRM strategy – Sage CRM Solutions 2010. The vision is a detailed and exhaustive strategy that covers products and technology development. It covers all aspects of business that Sage considers important to be better able to serve its more than 5.5 million customers. Business requirements, interoperability issues, focus on emerging Web 2.0 technologies, application of open Web standards are some of the issues covered in the comprehensive strategy guide.

The strategy aims to enable SMBs with additional capabilities that can be delivered to them on an incremental basis through 2010. Benefits for customers include faster ROI through purpose-built solutions; better productivity across the company due to Web 2.0; end to end integration; best protection for money invested through inter operable on-demand and on-premise implementation.

Sage has taken into consideration the different customer-interaction models of it customers in developing its strategies for performance enhancement. Sage has endeavored to segment its CRM offerings so that it can better address the scalability and expanded functionality requirements of its customers. This level of planning on part of Sage allows buyers to acquire custom fit CRM solutions that work best with their business. Sage hopes to help its customers achieve better customization through its extensive partner network.

The Sage approach to technology development covers common components that will facilitate a consistent user experience across the Sage solutions deployed; services-based and standards-based integration; interoperability for smooth migration; a SaaS platform that will enable on-demand or on-premise access to Sage CRM; and rich clients, web terminals etc that will enable the workforce to access data. Sage aims to fulfill customer desires concerning improved business processes, better access, and integrated web services.

Go here to download white paper that details the CRM Solutions 2010 strategy.


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