iEnterprises Launches Mobile Edge Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

iEnterprises, a company into desktop and wireless CRM, has come out with the Mobile Edge Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The mobile application is a joint effort involving iEnterprises, RIM, and Microsoft. The click and run application is targeted at SMBs who are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live or partner-hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM and would wish to access the information on their Blackberry Smartphones.

MobileEdge Express is a turn key SaaS solution, which means that it’s inexpensive to deploy and there are no upfront hardware costs, upgrades or licensing fees. The software is a simple download that allows users to obtain instant access to information such as their contacts, opportunities and cases even when they are on the move. The software is available on monthly or annual contract payment.

MobileEdge is perfectly suited for the small screens of handheld devices. Users are spared time consuming data look-ups and slow connections because the MobileEdge uses a client/server architecture that ensures data availability both online and offline; so you are not dependent on cellular coverage for access to information. You can store relevant data on the device as well as on the host server. Intuitive navigation allows viewing of information that is relevant and specific to the need of the moment. Since MobileEdge is deployed and managed wirelessly, upgrades and administration happens smoothly.

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