Sage Accpac ERP

The Sage Accpac ERP employs IBM DB2 or the Pervasive.SQL database in order to automate the ERP administration. Sage Accpac ERP is meant to be deployed at the back-end and works on a Nitix Linux-based OS. The software for the front-end can run on both Linux and Microsoft OS and is capable of running Linux and Windows clients in parallel for a given database.

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  1. raj says:

    Let’s try to understand a scenario; a sales person having in front of him a prospective buyer and negotiating for best price. Now it’s the sales person’s turn to quote in for appropriate price for the items, delivery date if this sales deal gets closed. In this scenario, if the sales person is provided a flash of the required details then it would help him in taking an upper hand and enable him in closing the lead. This is where iFlash tends to deliver its best utility.

    Salient Features:

    * iFlash is made available using a shortcut key once the application is launched.
    * Sales Statistics (3 months prior to the present session date) of an item to know the performance of any item.
    * Information on item’s price, incorporating all the available price lists from Accpac, with support to multi-currency.
    * Item Availability information with quantity on SO and PO, so as to enable the users to know about the ordered and allocated status.
    * The • Special price information for all the items for which a contract pricing is given.

    Key Benefits

    * iFlash saves time, by fetching all the key information of any item on a single hot-key.
    * Giving a quote for a product within few seconds especially on a customer’s call.
    * Providing all key information about a product, drives the customer to take a quick decision.

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