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BScaler Scales Software Security

I really like the concept of web-based and the unlimited possibility of SaaS excite me. This particularly delivery model has progressed so much that even enterprise applications such as CRM and ERP are now easily available on the web. One of the main concerns with distributing CRM on the web is security. Web-based ERP provider […]

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Outbreak (no, not the Dustin Hoffman flick)

You want to know how ERP affects you in daily life? Check out the Junction Solutions white paper entitled “Tracing the Genealogy of an Outbreak.” (Sensitive or nauseous readers probably will want to skip not only this particularly entry, but the white paper as a whole.) Using the simile of researching family genealogy (hence the […]

Consona release three, aligns with another

Consona CRM today announced the release of Onyx Adaptive CRM Version 6.0, KNOVA v. 7.1, and the interestingly-named Million Handshakes v. 4.5. The trio of pieces are the first fruits of joint labor between Consona and the now-subsumed Onyx Software Corporation, which was acquired from Consona roughly ten months ago. The Consona CRM release promises […]

TEC EC makes ERP E-Z

Software evaluation company Technology Evaluation Centers has launched its Enterprise Resource Planning Evaluation Center. The TEC ERP center seeks to “help organizations conduct a thorough and successful requirements-gathering phase.” Specifically, that’s to • determine the right type of ERP system for the given enterprise; • examine how each solution addresses management requirements; • designate crucial […]

This is the song

ERP-CAD data integrators Elmo Solutions this week released Agni Link, a live bidirectional ERP-CAD connector for SolidWorks and Microsoft Dynamics/GP. Agni Link is touted as “the only application of its kind that offers a unique and reliable way to unify SolidWorks and Microsoft Dynamics/GP databases” and “typically pays for itself in 60-90 days.” Established in […]

Infor Spain

Representatives of Infor closed out their week with the announcement that the company’s Infor ERP LN had been selected by Aurrenak Sociedad Cooperativa, a provider of tooling design and manufacturing for the automotive industry in Spain. The business-specific ERP solution was implemented in order to update Aurrenak Sociedad Cooperativa’s IT systems by centralizing and streamlining […]

Spectra goes Deacom

Spectra Colors Corporation, a specialized supplier of dyes for inks, coatings, foods, drugs, cosmetics, paper, household products and wood stains, recently selected the Deacom Integrated Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning software system in replacing its homegrown UNIX System. Prior to the DEACOM ERP selection, the Kearney, NJ-based Spectra Marrero chose to deploy Deacom ERP based […]

Blackbaud flies to Infinity

Blackbaud, Inc. chief executive officer Marc Chardon today announced that the company has released its technology platform, code-named Infinity. (Well, you have to like that name: We’ll say a 8.8 out of 10 on the CRMchump Mathematical Mind-bending Moniker Scale.) Released together with Infinity were Blackbaud Direct Marketing (or The Software Formerly Known As “Bullseye”) […]

In the lap of Luxoft

Luxoft, said to be Russia’s largest provider of high-end IT outsourcing services, has announced an extension to its extant agreement with investment bank Deutsche Bank. Luxoft President and CEO Dmitry Loschinin and Deutsche Bank’s Daniel Marovitz, COO of Technology for Deutsche’s Global Banking Division, finalized the agreement during the big CeBIT German-Russian IT Summit, which […]

Let’s hear it for good ol’ MOM

Infor announced this week the company’s new “Mobile Order Management” (a.k.a. – you got it – MOM), a product that seeks to enable field sales personnel in the distribution industry to process orders remotely using a PDA, laptop or any other mobile device. MOM is designed to integrate with any ERP system, regardless of vendor. […]