Parature offers freebie for a switchover from Talisma

In an effort to keep its high consistent growth rate at its present levels, on-demand customer support software provider Parature has announced a special offer: The company is offering current Talisma customers free data migration and professional services set-up should they switch to the Parature customer support solution.

The reporting included in Parature’s customer service software promises to reach across the entire solution platform, enabling support personnel to quickly create custom reports analyzing any information in the system using drag-and-drop technology to choose parameters. In tandem, Parature is also offering a second promotion, a free thirty-day trial of the Parature on-demand support solution.

Promising the opportunity to set up support desk management and communication tools in minutes, the trial offer allows essentially unlimited test driving for one to four users. The preview also includes open access to online training and customer support, and full customization options. Press material pushing hard to sway Talisma customers promise benefits from “Parature’s highly customizable and easy-to-use customer service software that enables companies to configure the solution to their specific business processes and workflows.”

PR also claims that no technical skills (and therefore no IT departments or professional services) are required for customization. Parature currently counts ATI Technologies Inc., Florida State University and Office Depot among their clientele base and boasts a consistent growth rate of over 100% for three years running.

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