Zoho Share Consolidates Content

Business, Personal Users Get Central Repository for Published Content in Zoho Apps

PLEASANTON, Calif. (August 21, 2008) –

Zoho today announced Zoho Share, a central repository that aggregates and lists all business and personal user content published in Zoho Show presentations, Zoho Sheet spreadsheets, and Zoho Writer documents and PDFs. A video tour of Zoho Share is available at http://www.viddler.com/explore/raju/videos/24/.

“For personal users, Zoho Share makes published content available to anybody,” said Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist. “Meanwhile, Zoho Business users will be able to restrict access, so published content is available only to users in their respective organizations. Going forward, we’ll be integrating Zoho Share with other Zoho products, so for example, all the content a marketing department publishes in Zoho Share will be visible under Zoho CRM. For business users in particular, Zoho Share demonstrates the advantage of our product integration strategy.”
Inside Zoho Share

Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, and Zoho Show give users several options to share and publish their content, including sharing it with select users, embedding it in a blog or making it public and accessible to anyone online. Published content, however, remains in the individual Zoho applications, with no single point of access to all published content, regardless of type or author.

Zoho Share gathers all the Zoho users’ content published in the individual Zoho applications and makes it available from a central interface. When Zoho Business moves out of private beta, Zoho Share will serve as the dashboard for all published content within an organization.

When users first arrive at Zoho Share (share.zoho.com), they will find the following tabs across the top of the homepage:

* Content displays all presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and PDF files published by Zoho users. Each content type can be sorted by criteria that include featured, recent, popular, top rated, and license-based.
* People shows all Zoho users who have published content. These content authors can be sorted by top contributors, recent users, and all users. Clicking on an author’s name reveals all content published by that author.
* My Area displays all of the individual user’s files – both private and public. Users can also edit their files and publish content that was previously private.
* Upload lets users publish desktop files directly to Zoho Share. Unique to Zoho Share, users can define the license type for their uploaded content. From the Upload page, users can select from “all rights reserved,” “public domain,” and six variations of “attribution.”

After users click on an item in the Content tab, they have the option of viewing the content in preview, expanded, and full-screen modes. In preview and expanded modes, users can rate, bookmark, and embed the content as well as email a link to the content. Also in preview mode, users can add and view comments as well as view more content by the same author and related content by different authors.

Users do not need a Zoho account to view published content on Zoho Share. Publishing content, however, requires a Zoho account as does posting messages and adding comments.

Zoho has integrated Zoho Share with Zoho Chat to facilitate interaction between content users and content authors. A user can contact an author by clicking on the author’s name, which leads to reach the author’s page and the “Add As Friend” button. If the author accepts the user’s friend request, the two can communicate in real time via Zoho Chat.

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About Zoho and AdventNet

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