The StoneEagle Group Improves Customer Service And Increases Productivity Using Soffront CRM

The StoneEagle Group is using Soffront CRM to improve customer support, increase productivity, and better manage their workforce.

Fremont, CA (February 10, 2010) –

Soffront® Software Inc.,, a CRM pioneer since 1992, today announced that The StoneEagle Group is using Soffront CRM to improve customer support, increase productivity, and better manage their workforce. StoneEagle ( designs, develops, and delivers software solutions and administration systems for insurance carriers and administrators in the automotive and financial industries.

After researching the top ten helpdesk products on the market, in 2008 StoneEagle selected Soffront because it met all of their needs better than other choices. “We started out by using Soffront CRM in our customer service division, but have since expanded its use to include four separate divisions,” explained Brent Taylor, StoneEagle’s Director of Operations.

StoneEagle is using Soffront CRM to manage projects, track software defects, and automate business processes within the company. “We didn’t have to bend our processes to fit the software,” continued Taylor. “Soffront CRM is extremely flexible, allowing us to easily customize it to fit our needs.”

According to Taylor, Soffront helps StoneEagle manage workflow and improve productivity. “For example, we create different protocols for installing diverse processes for each of our clients. Even though each process is unique, Soffront automates the process, saving us time and money.”

Several features of Soffront CRM have improved customer satisfaction and increased efficiency. “The customer portal lets customers see the status of their projects without having to pick up the phone and call us,” Taylor explained. “The automatic email notification promotes a seamless workflow across all divisions.”
Taylor concluded, “With the increased productivity and efficiency the software gives us, our goal is to double our business without having to increase personnel.”
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