SalesNexus Online CRM Guarantees Customer’s Profit Increase

HOUSTON (August 23, 2011) – SalesNexus today announced its Self Guided CRM Quick Start Program and a 100% Money Back ROI Guarantee. Until today’s announcement, no CRM company has ever guaranteed its customers results.

The SalesNexus Self Guided Quick Start Program is designed to get new users started with the web-based CRM as quickly as possible. This step-by-step program is available to all new customers as soon as they have purchased their subscription at no additional charge. Designed by globally recognized marketing, sales and CRM consultant Chris Peterson, of the Vector Firm, the program provides medium-sized businesses with online tools and step-by-step guidance to designing and implementing CRM that Fortune 500 businesses spend tens of thousands on.

“I’ve helped global corporations set up their CRM solutions. It can be complex, time consuming  and expensive,” said Chris Peterson, CEO of Vector Firm. “I’m proud to work with SalesNexus to bring a systematic approach to medium-sized businesses that will get results quickly.”

The 100% Money Back ROI Guarantee is a guarantee that within the first year of using SalesNexus, the customer will receive at least a 50% return on investment. If this milestone is not reached, the entire amount of the first year’s subscription is refunded. SalesNexus published an ROI Calculator on its website that allows customers to quickly estimate their increased sales and ROI.  

“When a business takes the simple step of putting all new leads on a drip marketing campaign within SalesNexus, we know it will yield increased sales,” said Craig Klein, SalesNexus founder and CEO. “We know from 9 years of experience, new users of our online CRM and Email Marketing solution who follow our Self Guided Quick Start Program will increase their bottom line significantly.”

SalesNexus is a privately held company based in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2002, SalesNexus helps businesses increase their sales through web-based contact management and online CRM combined with email marketing features.

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