RightNow Helps Leading Consumer Brands Deliver Positive Customer Experiences and Drive Business Value

Match.com, Newell Rubbermaid, Nikon, Orbitz, Telecom New Zealand, and Toshiba Share How Customer Experience Solutions Are Impacting Their Business

BOZEMAN, Mont. (November 08, 2010) – Top consumer brands are using the RightNow (NASDAQ: RNOW) customer experience suite to help drive business value through positive customer experiences. According to the 2010 Customer Experience Impact report, 85 percent of consumers would pay between 5 and 25 percent over the standard price of a good or service to ensure a superior customer experience. Now more than ever, customer experience is a driving force behind a company’s success.

Executives from Match.com, Newell Rubbermaid, Nikon, Orbitz, Telecom New Zealand, and Toshiba, spoke at the recent RightNow Summit about delivering positive customer experiences to significantly impact their business and bottom line.

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Match.com Helps Customers Find Relationship Answers

Match.com, the world’s largest online dating service, has been using RightNow solutions since 2009 to deliver quality customer service to its 15 million members. With RightNow, Match.com members receive immediate self-help through the RightNow online knowledge foundation, 24 hours per day. This has resulted in:

  • An improved member self-help rate of 94 percent
  • Reduced email volume to the contact center by 40 percent
  • 52 percent question-avoidance rate
  • 11 percent improvement in customer satisfaction scores

“Our goal at Match.com is to provide members with exceptional customer care experiences and help them find success while they are dating on our site. Match.com is a fun brand and it is a fun experience for our online daters. We want that to transition when they are interacting with customer care.”

Michele Watson, Vice President of Customer Care, Match.com

Nikon Satisfies Customers, While Reducing Cost

Nikon, an eight billion dollar leader in precision optics, 35mm and digital imaging technology, has been using RightNow for the last nine years to successfully support its customer experience strategy. With the help of RightNow, Nikon:

  • Controls costs even while increasing top-line growth, realizing a 3,200 percent ROI over three years
  • Continually scores over 95 percent in customer satisfaction surveys
  • Reduced call response times by 50 percent
  • Reduced email response times by 70 percent

“At Nikon the customer experience strategy is simple: provide the very best customer experiences across all touch points and continuously capture high-value market insight, while keeping costs under control.”

David Dentry, General Manager of Customer Relations, Nikon

Telecom New Zealand Creates Lasting Customer Impressions

Telecom New Zealand, New Zealand’s largest telecom, manages more than 12 million interactions with customers every month via Web, email and Chat. With RightNow and Datamail, Telecom New Zealand has seen tremendous success, including:

  • 16 percent sales conversion rate with Chat
  • 20 percent increase in agent satisfaction
  • 80 percent customer satisfaction score with Chat

“Our customer service vision is to create positive, lasting impressions through every interaction, with every customer, every day. Our goal is to deliver effortless service by providing products that work, marketing that connects to our customers, sales which meet their needs, and service that is right the first time.”

Russell Stephens, Head of Channel Planning & Operations, Telecom New Zealand

More Comments on Customer Experience Success

“Newell Rubbermaid is more than a five billion dollar organization with nearly 20,000 employees, in 90 countries. Using RightNow since 2003, Newell Rubbermaid delivers positive customer experiences to consumers not only in the United States, but around the world. With RightNow as our customer experience platform, we have a complete view of our customers and have realized a 20 percent reduction in incoming email.”

Robert Oh, Director of IT and CRM, Newell Rubbermaid

“Toshiba transitioned from a legacy CRM system, which was very inflexible and time consuming, to a more controllable environment. With RightNow, we can act quickly, react to business needs faster, and at a lot less cost than our previous legacy system. RightNow was a turn-key solution without a lot of investment. We were able to implement in four months and saw a 12 percent increase in agent handle time within the first month.”

Rhonda Watkins, Director, Call Center Operations at Toshiba, Digital Products Division

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