GuestWare Leverages SpectraLink Wireless Telephones to Improve Rapid Response Time

In-building Wireless Telephone System Increases Productivity, Provides Greater Guest Satisfaction

SEATTLE (July 20, 2005) –

Diversified Computer Corp. (DCC), maker of GuestWare, the lodging industry’s leading customer relationship management software, announced that it is leveraging SpectraLink Wireless Telephones to significantly improve the speed at which Rapid Response messages are transmitted throughout hotels. SpectraLink handsets receive and send messages through GuestWare using a hotel’s wireless infrastructure.

Two full-service hotels representing a major U.S.-based company are currently using the Wireless Telephones and communication interface. An additional 20 properties already using GuestWare and SpectraLink headsets are also being targeted for the solution. DCC and SpectraLink Corp. (Nasdaq: SLNK), the leader in workplace telephony, use a third-party middleware product from Emergin Inc. to rapidly deploy the interface. “The system adds speed and reliability to the rapid response process,” says Mike Benjamin, vice president of Seattle-based DCC. “Our customers like it because there is virtually no latency with the messages. This allows the engineers and other runners to respond and close out calls quicker. Also, two-way text messaging eliminates the labor associated with verbal communication and provides more accountability.”

When SpectraLink comes into a property, it looks for quality wireless coverage for the entire building either using the hotel’s existing WiFi infrastructure or by installing SpectraLink proprietary Base Stations throughout the property. It also equips managers and staff with its Wireless Telephones-a key advantage for those using GuestWare. SpectraLink Wireless Telephones combine the traditional office phone with radio and text messaging capabilities in one mobile device. SpectraLink handsets are interoperable with nearly all enterprise-grade access points and fully integrate with all major enterprise VoIP and PBX platforms.

“SpectraLink Wireless Telephones provide hotel associates with a single handset for all their communication needs,” says Jill Kenney, executive vice president of sales and marketing, SpectraLink. “The handsets have optional push-to-talk capabilities, eliminating the need for radios and enabling instant group calling. Because SpectraLink integrates with a facility’s existing PBX system, the Wireless Telephone also can receive calls originally destined for an hotelier’s desk phone. Not only is it more convenient, but combining all these functions in one device is cost effective.”
The Rapid Response process

When a guest reports a problem to a service agent in a hotel using the new GuestWare/SpectraLink solution, the service agent logs the call in GuestWare, which then sends a text message to the appropriate person designated for that type of call-an engineer, for example. Using the screen on the SpectraLink handset, the engineer acknowledges the message. Once the task is completed, the engineer then uses the handset to send notification back to GuestWare where the task is closed.

“We think this solution offers an immediate improvement for our existing hotel customers,” Benjamin says. “We are looking forward to working together with SpectraLink to help educate other hoteliers about the benefits of the combined solution.”
About SpectraLink:

SpectraLink, the leader in workplace Wi-Fi telephony, delivers the power of mobile voice and messaging applications to businesses worldwide. Seamlessly integrating with VoIP and traditional telephony platforms, SpectraLink’s scalable technology provides instant access to people and business-critical information. SpectraLink handsets free on-premises employees to be more accessible, productive and responsive. For more information, visit or call 1-800-676-5465.
About GuestWare:

GuestWare provides property and enterprise CRM solutions specifically to the lodging industry with more than 15 PMS interfaces and more than 700 hotel customers. GuestWare enables hotels and management companies to streamline and enhance service delivery and guest recognition processes. GuestWare was the first company to develop a comprehensive Rapid Response problem resolution system integrated with guest recognition and essential to successful customer relationship management.

GuestWare, Customer Relationship Management software for the lodging industry, is developed, marketed, implemented and supported by Diversified Computer Corp., Seattle. GuestWare’s suite of software products includes Enterprise, Guest Recognition, Rapid Response, Incident Tracking, Facilities Maintenance, Comment Card Tracking and Communication Server. GuestWare is installed in more than 700 hotels worldwide. For more information about GuestWare, go to, or contact Mike Benjamin at (888) 504-8378.

Mike Benjamin, Vice President
Diversified Computer Corp.
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Hasek Communications
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