Diversified Computer Corp. Moves GuestWare Headquarters to Seattle’s Futuristic, High-Tech Fisher Plaza; Cites Increased Demand for Safe and Secure Data Hosting

Diversified Computer Corp. (DCC), maker of GuestWare, the lodging industry’s leading customer relationship management software, has moved its offices to Fisher Plaza, Seattle’s new high-tech office complex.

SEATTLE (February 22, 2005) –

Diversified Computer Corp. (DCC), maker of GuestWare, the lodging industry’s leading customer relationship management software, has moved its offices to Fisher Plaza, Seattle’s new high-tech office complex.

Fisher Plaza’s infrastructure, wired to meet current and unanticipated information technology demands, will provide GuestWare and those customers who use the software with a safe and secure hosting environment backed by system redundancy and diversity.

“This move demonstrates we fully embrace the inevitable trend toward centrally hosted vendor applications,” says Mike Benjamin, Vice President for DCC. “We already host critical customer data for major hotel brands and expect to do much more in the future.”

Guest history and incident data are some of the types of data hosted by GuestWare. Increasingly, hotel management companies require valuable information be hosted by a company that can ensure the high level of security and reliability GuestWare provides.
Building includes critical back-up systems

Fisher Plaza has a seismic rating equal to that of a new hospital or police station. In the event of a power outage, Fisher Plaza’s electrical infrastructure provides enough back-up generating capacity to run at full capacity for up to 20 days. The facility is also the only one of its kind in the region to ensure efficient cooling of critical computer systems in the event of a water main break.

Fisher Plaza is the only 21st Century carrier class telecommunications facility. Its state-of-the-art carrier neutral environment gives one the advantage of accessing unlimited bandwidth from at least nine individual carriers.

“In addition to securing customer data, we believe it is also important our own facility be just as secure and reliable,” says Mark Jarman, President of DCC. “Initially, we looked at Fisher Plaza only for co-location of customer data but we soon recognized the need to be in a place where our own company’s operations would be just as secure.”

Jarman says that by having the secure data center within its own offices, DCC will be able to host customer GuestWare servers at a lower cost than most software vendors.

“Typically, software vendors sell their application licenses and then use a vendor like Rackspace.com for hosting,” he says. “In many cases, the software vendor will mark up a profit on top of the hosting facility’s profit. By having our support operations in a top hosting facility, we will be able to be more efficient and cost-effective in hosting our customers’ GuestWare applications.”

The new address for GuestWare headquarters is 100 Fourth Avenue North, Suite 560, Seattle, WA 98109. Phone, fax and website information will remain the same: (888) 504-8378; fax, (206) 233-0345, www.guestware.com.
About GuestWare:

GuestWare provides property and enterprise CRM solutions specifically to the lodging industry with more than 15 PMS interfaces and more than 700 hotel customers. GuestWare enables hotels and management companies to streamline and enhance service delivery and guest recognition processes. GuestWare was the first company to develop a comprehensive Rapid Response problem resolution system integrated with guest recognition and essential to successful customer relationship management.

GuestWare, Customer Relationship Management software for the lodging industry, is developed, marketed, implemented and supported by Diversified Computer Corp., Seattle. GuestWare’s suite of software products includes Enterprise, Guest Recognition, Rapid Response, Incident Tracking, Facilities Maintenance, Comment Card Tracking and Communication Server. GuestWare is installed in more than 700 hotels worldwide. For more information about GuestWare, go to www.guestware.com, or contact Mike Benjamin at (888) 504-8378.

Mike Benjamin, Vice President
Diversified Computer Corp.
(888) 504-8378
E-mail: mike.benjamin@guestware.com
Glenn Hasek, President
Hasek Communications
(440) 243-2055; cell: (216) 702-0334
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