Diefendorf Capital Planning Associates Improves Business Processes, Increases Revenues With Soffront CRM

Diefendorf Capital Planning Associates (DCPA) has increased their revenues by 300% in the past 3 years using Soffront CRM.

Fremont, CA (March 01, 2010) –

Soffront® Software Inc., www.soffront.com, the leader of mid-market CRM software, today announced that Diefendorf Capital Planning Associates (DCPA) has increased their revenues by 300% in the past 3 years using Soffront CRM. DCPA (www.diefendorfcapital.com) is a financial management firm, located in Long Island, New York.

In 2006, DCPA sought a software solution that would improve efficiency by automating and optimizing their business processes. Monroe Diefendorf, Jr., CEO of DCPA researched more than ten different software packages, beta testing each for hours. “We selected Soffront because it gave us the biggest bang for the buck. Although the software wasn’t specifically built for our industry, we could easily adapt it,” recalled Diefendorf. “It had the processes and workflow we needed.”
DCPA is now able to automate and optimize its processes, dramatically increasing productivity. “Using Soffront, we better manage the workflows for each activity, such as investment trades, receipt of checks, sales orders and service work,” explained Diefendorf.

Several features of Soffront CRM have transformed the way DCPA does business. “Soffront’s reporting capabilities and notification rules not only provide us with concise information, the software automatically ranks it, escalates it, and notifies appropriate staff,” explained Diefendorf. “The dashboard provides a 360 degree view, conveniently positioning the tools at our fingertips. Soffront’s web access provides full access to our systems from anywhere in the world,” Diefendorf related. “And the vendor portal increases our efficiency; we can do more without increasing staff.”

According to Diefendorf, DCPA has created a whole new way of doing business. “Using Soffront, we produced a CRM solution on steroids. We are more productive in every area of our business and have increased revenues by 300%,” Diefendorf concluded.

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