Mobile CRM Software – Is it too much?

All the continued technological innovations have made it much easier to use CRM Software. With all the continued improvements, CRM Software has become much more readily accessible and has simplified and automated many of the tedious processes which previously had consumed a lot of time. The introduction of mobile CRM has only made it easier for employees to stay connected to the company’s CRM database from wherever they should be. But, can this be necessarily considered an improvement?

Mobile CRM makes it possible for employees to stay connected around the clock. This allows employees to handle issues as soon as they arise. However, this lack of separation from work and home can create a stressful environment for employees. The usage of mobile CRM within a company raises the level of support expected from employees. This added pressure on employees can create more frustration for employees. Utilizing mobile CRM can lower the morale of employees as they feel like they are working continuously, even on their own time. This may lead to lower employee productivity during work hours. The same amount of work may actually end up being done spread out over the course of the whole day.

Being able to access CRM Software via employees’ cellular phones also has other issues. Security becomes a huge concern. With hundreds of employees running around with cellular access to critically sensitive CRM databases, it may be hard to keep track of who is accessing what from where. If an employee loses his/her cell phone, security could be compromised as access to CRM databases can be easily reached via the phone. Customer information could be compromised, leading to hundreds of angry customers. This raises an issue of whether or not it becomes reasonable for employers to allow employees to carry around this critically important and confidential information.

The introduction of all these new technologies into CRM Software has made it much easier to utilize CRM Software within your company. However, some of these new technological innovations may have tradeoffs which you may need to take into consideration prior to implementing a new solution or new update. It may be wise to analyze the potential benefits and consequences of all these new innovations as failure to account for some of the possibilities can lead to some disastrous consequences.

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  1. Ben says:

    Good points, but I think it’s here to stay. Perhaps some mobile CRM security options will handle those issues.

  2. Charles says:

    The only mobile CRM app I would use is if it were an iPhone app. All other browsers are too small.

  3. Adam Smith says:

    Igroup can help deliver the power of Microsoft CRM to your mobile workforce with ease. Source code for CRM Mobile Express is available under a shared source licensing agreement. igroup can modify the source to fit the needs of your customers.

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