Microsoft Dynamics CRM Transforms Hard Rock International’s CRM

Hard Rock International, a company that owns restaurants, hotels, casinos, and concert halls that display an extensive collection of music memorabilia, has a large customer base and was finding it difficult to manage their customer relations. Hard Rock did not have an efficient system to handle the tens of thousands of customer inquiries that they received every year, so they decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Dynamics CRM would help Hard Rock manage their customer service relations without requiring new staff members.

Hard Rock International receives around 56,000 customer inquiries every year, by email or phone, within their 157 venues across the world. Patrick Colbert, the Director of CRM and Loyalty at Hard Rock International, said “Our team handles calls and e-mails from across our operations—everything from loyalty program point balances to questions about a product online.” The number of inquiries will grow every year as Hard Rock continues to expand their empire. Frequently, the Hard Rock customer care team has to consult managers at the individual venues to get specific information. They did not have one unified application to share information, so often communication was impaired.

Hard Rock International deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM in just eight weeks. 1.5 million customer records were uploaded into the system, which allowed the Hard Rock representatives to gather information about their customer base so they could provide them with the services that they needed. Also, Microsoft Dynamics CRM gave employees one unified application which allowed managers or customer service representatives to access information easier. Hard Rock was also able to create email templates, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, to respond to routine requests. Dynamics CRM also enabled Hard Rock to track inquiries so that they made sure every issue was resolved in a timely manner. Managers could file reports onto the system so that customer representatives knew that the case was handled.

Hard Rock International rapidly ameliorated their customer relationship management system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Customer business processes went a lot faster and smoother. Hard Rock was able to respond to the increase in inquiries. The Customer Care Manager at Hard Rock International, Davonne Minshew, said, “With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we’ll be able to keep up with 20 percent annual increases in customer inquiry volume without having to increase staff on our Customer Care Team.” Hard Rock did not even have to hire new staff to handle the growth. Employees are much more productive and efficient with Dynamics CRM. Also, Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s user interface is easy to use, which made training faster and easier.

Colbert said, “Since we began using Microsoft Dynamics CRM at Hard Rock, our response times have dropped significantly to just four hours.” Employees can resolve issues faster with the new system. Microsoft Dynamics CRM completely transformed Hard Rock International’s system by increasing customer satisfaction and expediting business processes. Hard Rock International is very pleased with the results.

You can read more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM here or on their website.

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