Meritide Expands Their Microsoft Dynamics CRM Practice

Meritide, a Minnesota-based IT consulting firm, announced last week that they expanded their full-service Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions practice. Meritide provides strategy, integration, design, and implementation services to upper mid-market companies, and with their expanded Microsoft Dynamics CRM products, will provide clients with insight into sales, marketing, and service activities.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is highly flexible and customizable, and is distributed entirely through a partner system (which allows for even greater personalization). It offers tight integration with Microsoft Office applications—which helps reduce training time—and one Meritide customer, Emprimus, was especially taken with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online tool.

Emprimus offers solutions protecting against intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI), and does most of their marketing through trade shows, large presentations, and industry associations. Emprimus’s President and CEO, Gale Nording, said the Dynamics CRM Online application was extremely helpful for streamlining the sales cycle, but declined to give specific details.

Meritide also implements BMC solutions, but the company’s president, Patrick Irestone, noted that Microsoft Dynamics deployments have increased with customers’ demand for cost-effective solutions. Microsoft recently reduced the base prices of their CRM solutions (and are offering 6 months free to and Oracle users), and given the satisfaction of Meritide’s customers, business will only get better for Dyanamics.

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