iLinc for Salesforce Was “App of the Week”

Last week, iLinc for Salesforce was named the “App of the Week” on the AppExchange. Every week, SaaS applications that integrate with’s CRM platform are presented, and iLinc’s offering was featured for its ability to integrate webinar data with existing Salesforce CRM data, which in turn allows users visibility to effectively sell and communicate with potential customers, and reinforce loyalty with existing customers. Another factor in selection was that the iLinc app provides virtual meetings directly from Salesforce Lead and Contact records.

iLinc’s President and CEO, James Powers, stated that his company’s development strategy centers on working out tangible business problems, so an integration with Salesforce—establishing a real-time connection with CRM—was an obvious solution. The motive behind this particular integration is to get businesses to move webinars and online training sessions to the iLinc platform, and easily and effectively follow up with attendees using Salesforce CRM.

Reviews of iLinc for Salesforce have been positive so far, and as iLinc is a Gold Sponsor of this year’s Dreamforce (’s annual user conference), attendees will learn more about the product during the November convention.

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