Hungry like the Bluewolf

On-demand enterprise consulting company Bluewolf today announced the release of version 3.0 for the Bluewolf enterprise salesforce integration tool for The integration tool allows for integration between and third party systems including Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. "This release focused on exponential performance enhancements," said Shane Sarty, Director of Product Development at Bluewolf along with the announcement, going on to lay out some heavy numbers that showed more their system could assist in uploading 220,000 records from a third-party system into in less than one hour.

Such numbers would represent a more than doubling over the second ESI release in February 2005, and a quintupling over the first release in August 2005. Also now available is the Bluewolf enterprise salesforce integration data load calculator. Said calculator is purported to be able to accurately estimate the time necessary to upload large amounts of data into The Bluewolf ESI Data Load Calculator is available at the company’s website. The applications are available to customers via the AppExchange platform.

Among recently added clientele purchasing the integration tool include the Wall Street Journal, Staples, BP Solar, Charles Schwab, Interwoven, Borland, and Fidelity. Founded in 2000, Bluewolf is an on-demand enterprise consulting company specializing in the deployment of enterprise software applications. Bluewolf’s practices incorporate on-demand consulting, on-demand software, and on-demand remote services. Among Bluewolf clientele are Bank of America, ADP, General Electric, Wall Street Journal, Staples and Ann Taylor.

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