Gartner and 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Award Given to Merrill Lynch

Bank of America today announced that Merrill Lynch has received a CRM Excellence Award from Gartner and 1to1 Media for its enterprise-wide use of customer relationship solutions and superior client satisfaction. Well, that has to be an improvement; I can recall some very dissatisfied Merrill Lynch customers from a short while ago.

“Our business revolves around the quality and consistency of client experiences, be they online, in banking centers, through ATMs or mobile banking, or via call centers, email or direct mail,” said Dean Athanasia, head of Bank of America Global Wealth & Investment Management Banking and Merrill Edge. “We’ve gone beyond traditional customer relationship management strategies to deliver added value at each and every touch point, creating a more personalized experience for our clients.”

Last month, Merrill Lynch introduced Merrill Edge, which provides clients with an integrated view of their bank accounts and Merrill Lynch financial advice. Customers can make investment choices on their own through a self-service portal, or they can receive financial advice from the Merrill Edge Advisory Center, which is a call center of investment advisors.

Additionally, Merrill Lynch made improvements to its Merrill Lynch Retirement Contact Center, through which it has provided more information and accessibility to retirees for their financial needs.

Gartner and 1to1 stated that they gave the CRM Excellence Award to Merrill Lynch for these measures, as well as for general advancements in customer communication management and analysis. Companies were judged by a panel of judges that included Gartner analysts, 1to1 Media staff, and other experts from business and academia. This has been the third year of CRM Excellence Award.


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