eDesktop, eMobile, easily flowing beer

A pair of announcements came out today from Entellium. First came the news that Entellium eDesktop Release is no available; the product is touted as a “significant” update to the extant Entellium web-based CRM suite. eDesktop is described as a “downloadable smart client” which, through is high speed, ideally increases effectiveness and productivity; another nice feature of the “smart client” is its ability to work just as well whether on- or offline.

The program is currently available for the Entellium sales force automation module eSalesForce. A second new product was released today by the company. Entellium eMobile is reportedly the first sales force automation application for mobile devices. Claiming that the application is as simple to use as “the world’s most popular music player,” i.e. the MP3 (though this writer has doubts about that particular figure).

The buzzword for this tool (with one Entellium executive stating that the four-word phrase is how entelligensia actually refer to the product) is “CRM under one thumb,” and press material promises that this solo digit is all that is needed to actually work eMobile. With the program, Entellium lays claim to the distinction of being the first on-demand CRM provider to design its own wireless CRM application.

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