Contact Center Virtualization with Siemens OpenScape V8

Siemens has announced an upgrade of its OpenScape Contact Center. The Version 8 (V8) release will be available to the public on May 18th with virtualization from the server and client directions. The V8 upgrade will also be compatible on any device with a USB port, including netbooks and smartphones.

The new virtualized servers allow data centers to use a software-based contact center solution. The new solution will help to optimize server load and reduce the cost of disaster recovering planning. Using hypervisors, the CRM solution allows for multiple operating systems and application software to run on the same physical server.

The open CRM solution enables easy deployment, simplified management and cost savings through server consolidation. Through a partnership with VMware, the software and server virtualization company, Siemens is able to run different operating systems on the same physical machine. This will allow data centers to deploy software in a way that will balance workloads instead of segregating software per operating system. “If you think about a server in a conventional way, you would have one application on a server running Linux and another running on a Windows server” explains Ross Sedgewick senior director at Siemens. “Virtualization allows you to spread those applications evenly over multiple servers.”

Virtualization will also allow companies to load their contact center software onto data center machines, instead of having to add onto proprietary hardware at each location. The physical barrier between the contact center and the data center will be eliminated.

The V8 update also offers a web-based agent interface. Users can still used the windows-based client, but have the option of deploying the contact center solution through a browser as well. The web-based agent interface will allow contact center agents to view real-time availability of enterprise workers. Through the agent interface, companies can promote team-wide collaboration to optimize customer service.

OpenScape Contact Center V8 also has Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities. The capabilities are only available on the software and entirely SIP-based. The company boasts that IVR functionality will lower costs instead of using more expensive proprietary hardware. “With this latest version of OpenScape Contact Center, not only do we provide Web-based desktops and an integrated IVR to bolster the classic contact center goals of productivity and customer service, we provide IT with the flexibility to meet business goals quickly and cost effectively,” said VP and GM at Siemens Enterprise Communcations, Scott McDonald. “Since it is optimized for virtualized environments, it gives IT managers increased deployment flexibility and easier management, all while saving money.”

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