RightNow in the navy

Bozeman, Mont.-based RightNow today announced that Navy Federal, the world’s single largest credit union, has selected RightNow Service. In particular, Navy Federal is deploying RightNow to automate routing and responses for some 35,000 secure email messages received monthly. Navy Federal has reported a dramatic increase in the number of secure emails sent from its password-protected site over the past year; due to the complicated structure of the bank’s hierarchy, said email is sent to any one of six dozen departments and then rerouted to individual specialists.

RightNow promises that RightNow Service’s intelligent content recognition capabilities can automatically route upward of 60 percent of its email. Navy Federal has elected to implement RightNow internally, rather than as a hosted application. More than 200 users will access the system in the early phase, with additional functionality and broader use planned in subsequent stages.

Navy Federal is the largest credit union in the world, with more than US $25 billion in assets and 2.6 million members. Navy Federal has 109 branch offices and 301 proprietary ATMs worldwide. The credit union serves US Department of the Navy military and civilian contractors.

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