Le Suite – c’est chic!

On-demand business software suite provider NetSuite, Inc. today announced some new tax engine features and additions for the unique linguistic and tax needs of Quebec. Specifically, NetSuite’s French Canadian version of 11.0 is designed to assist multi-province mid-market companies in tax management and tax filing. Canadian businesses have to deal with a number of complex taxes structures and laws; indeed, NetSuite promotional material specifically mentions new improvements to programs dealing with the goods and services tax; the harmonized services tax; and various provincial sales taxes. The newly-released functionality adds needed enhancements to the extant Canadian NetSuite tax engine now in place for almost six years.

New features include multiple tax control accounts, for organization of financial statements and maximum visibility of tax liabilities; support for the creation of separate tax items and tax groups; tax code reference based on province; customer PST exemption; and lots of goodies involving the dreaded GST34 Form and the Customs and Revenue Agency. ERP reseller firm zeroedin, inc. managing partner Tony Bone enthused that “With the new tax engine, companies can manage all tax requirements across North America, which makes NetSuite more marketable to our customers and prospects.” An additional feature now makes possible the option to select French as the base language in all product offerings for Canada.

Users can also choose their own user interface language as appropriate for allowing businesses that operate in French- and English-speaking provinces simultaneously to support linguistic needs of employees and customers. NetSuite Version 11.0 will enter the market in a phased roll-out throughout June. NetSuite, Inc. is billed as the leader in on-demand business software suites and the fastest-growing software company in North America, according to the Deloitte Fast 500 study. NetSuite seeks to enable management of accounting, enterprise resource planning, CRM, and e-commerce.

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