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It’s here. Tarzana, Calif.-based InfoStreet Inc. representatives were happy to announce today the release of their newest web-based application: Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship Management. The CRM application is pushed as a massive addition to the on-demand IT software suite StreetSmart, which became available today as well. Free use of StreetSmart CRM has been given to existing StreetSmart customers through October 2006.

In InfoStreet StreetSmart, all information is centralized and online and can be securely accessed from any web browser. Information can be tracked at three interrelated levels, “Contacts,” “Organizations,” and “Opportunities,” each with events, status, comments, history and follow-up actions. Key features of StreetSmart CRM include a shareable contact database, which allows users to store and share all information gathered about contacts, organizations, and sales opportunities; tracking applications, which promise to provide an instant view of sales team activity; seamless customer transition, which tracks the complete history of most contact data; access control; integration with the StreetSmart suite, allowing a nice supplement in task, calendar and file functions; instant notification functions; and “highly” customizable configuration, with StreetSmart CRM already pre-populated with NAICS industry codes.

InfoStreet Inc. promotes itself as “one of the first companies focused solely on internet services.” Founded in 1994, InfoStreet today develops and operates a fully managed, on-demand integrated suite of software providing IT and groupware-oriented SaaS. InfoStreet’s flagship solution, StreetSmart, comes complete with functions such as virus-protected and spam-protected mail, calendar, workflow, knowledge base, portal, website publishing, blogs, mailing lists, access control and more.

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