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Vecta? You betcha

Sales intelligence solutions provider Vecta, has announced the launch of Vecta OnDemand. Vecta PR proclaims two firsts with the release: Vecta OnDemand is in fact the first software as a service product from the firm, and truly operational business intelligence SaaS has heretofore been non-existent. The new service has three components: subscription licensing, hosted delivery […]

Sage in Asia

The Sage Group plc has released its customer relationship management solutions for small- and mid-sized businesses in Asia. Sage will be launching entry level CRM solution ACT! by Sage;, an on-demand CRM service / on-site deployable and configurable, full suite CRM; and Sage CRM SalesLogix, a customizable CRM suite. Sage Asia managing director Low […]

EPA no. 1 RightNow

RightNow Technologies also announced another feather in the RightNow cap, albeit a bit indirectly. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been honored with the Federal Computer Week’s Pioneer Award for its “high-impact implementation” of RightNow technology. More generally, Federal Computer Week bestows the Pioneer Award annually to agencies that have demonstrated innovative use of […]

In Kentucky, RightNow

The state of Kentucky has chosen RightNow Technologies to implement its on demand technology in support of a statewide initiative to promote and facilitate postsecondary education for state citizens. Employed in the deployment will be RightNow Service, RightNow Marketing and RightNow Metrics, programs installed with the ultimate goal of helping Kentuckians enroll in and navigate […]

Another one enters the pool

You have to love the bravado: today jumped into the cram packed pool that is the CRM market, launching an integrated on-demand application which automates CRM, accounting and inventory control for smaller businesses. The MagSuite system includes core functions such as prospects / customers / vendors; items / services; sale opportunities; activities; cases / […]


And another huge retail chain gets into the action: representatives announced today that their firm has been appointed by Swedish household goods retailer IKEA to handle eCRM and in-store plasma screen strategy. IKEA representatives stated that has hit the ground running, already having begun strategy work, with creative set for a winter launch. […]

A major initiative

Here at we read a lot of press release with self-congratulatory material and overblown statements, but when the announcement today came about “a major initiative,” well, this one had to be listened to. As it turns out, said major initiative involves CompUSA and that mammoth retailer’s offer of products by on-demand business software suite […]

The Sage six

Sage Software made an introduction today, presenting to the world Client 1, Endeavor Commerce, InaPlex and QGate as Sage CRM Solutions premiere technology partners. Premiere partners develop value-added technology solutions to integrate with Sage Software mid-market CRM products including Sage CRM, and Sage CRM SalesLogix. Awarded the label were: Client 1 earned the title […]

CDC turned away by Onyx yet again

This just in: CDC has been rejected again. As media continues to use wooing-related expressions (one website today ran the story under the headline “CRM Vendor Onyx Still Publicly Engaged to M2M, Spurns CDC Offer”), here let’s say that CDC should never have proposed. The battle for the hand of Onyx began late last year, […]

Welcome back, boys

Press from Pythagoras Communications also welcomed home their representative from the Customer Strategy & Management Trade Show held in Birmingham, U.K. on Wednesday and Thursday. The Customer Strategy & Management Trade Show is in its second year of existence. Pythagoras reported “excellent feedback from visitors” over at good ol’ stand 541. Pythogoras’ CRM consultants performed […]