BScaler Scales Software Security

I really like the concept of web-based and the unlimited possibility of SaaS excite me. This particularly delivery model has progressed so much that even enterprise applications such as CRM and ERP are now easily available on the web. One of the main concerns with distributing CRM on the web is security.

Web-based ERP provider BScaler has upgraded security at the system binary level to safeguard against intrusion or a breach. The company whose product range covers CRM, Service, Operations and Accounting functions for small and medium-sized businesses, has focused on increasing security at the data center, the internet, and at the application. The company has turned its Unix/Linux OS into a read only and has secured the system binaries. By doing so the company believes that it has increased the level of difficulty for unauthorized personnel trying to break in.

Newly installed security features include a secure 24/7 access-controlled data-center, commercial grade firewalls for the production servers, and state-of-the-art monitoring software. 128-bit SSL encryption over the internet and role-based accessibilities ensure appropriate access to data. The company hopes to broaden the customer-base of its web-based total business management product and hopes to implement a strategy for targeting Importers, VARs, Resellers and Distributors.

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