Aplicor to Develop Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Recently, Aplicor, a provider of ERP software, announced the integration of their software with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In the announcement, it was made known that Aplicor and Microsoft are collaborating to create a process based connector that will be released in Aplicor 7.0. The integration of these two technologies will create a seamless solution for customers to manage the front and back office business processes that will allow organizations to leverage many benefits. Since Aplicor runs a SaaS ERP system, companies will be able to quickly implement the solution and see the operational benefits almost immediately. Operating costs will be reduced and staff productivity will increase, and then the integration of the Dynamics CRM will increase information flow and automate work processes, creating an unrivaled application tag-team.

Aplicor CEO, Scott Creighton, was very pleased with this collaborative effort. He said, “This development effort is another step in an outstanding relationship with Microsoft in providing customers innovative and cost effective solutions to successfully run their business.”

This announcement has raised the bar for software collaborations. The integration of the ERP and CRM systems will provide a high level of coordination that will enable customers to manage the entire front and back office activities with minimal complications.

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