Amdocs further into Asia

Amdocs, plugged as a customer experience systems provider, has recently announced a couple of deals to increase presence on the all-important continent of Asia.

Most recently was Guizhou Telecom, subsidiary of China Telecom, announcing the selection of Amdocs in helping integrate its enterprise data for improved system management.

Reportedly, Guizhou is the first China Telecom subsidiary to implement an enterprise-wide operational data storage project. Amdocs’ enterprise data architecture seeks to provide a data hub that standardizes and consolidates customer and product information, including bits and bytes from sales, marketing, billing, ordering, service assurance and call centers.

Last week, Amdocs scored a nice connection with Cambodian service provider Applifone, which will deploy the Amdocs Compact Convergence suite to support rapid delivery of next-generation products and services. This agreement represents Amdocs’ entry into Cambodia.

Applifone will employ Amdocs integrating news services such as money transfer, SMS, personal internet protocol web phones for roamers, call management, and mobile data on a single platform. In addition to the rapid service launch integrated with real-time convergent rating, the solution also promises integrated business process support with Voice over Internet Protocol capability.

Applifone is owned and managed by VISOR, an investment company based in Kazakhstan.

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