Pact results in Bell-Pact

No one can ever accuse PacificNet, Inc. of doing things in a small way. The Asia-side provider of gaming technology, e-commerce, and Customer Relationship Management services in China, opened a joint venture with Japan-based Bellsystem24 last week.

Bellsystem 24 is said to be Japan’s single largest telemarketing call center services provider. (How big is it? Try over 5,000 clients, 27,348 communication service representatives and 33 offices throughout Japan.)

Dubbed a bit, um, Spartanly, Bell-Pact Consulting Limited is located in Shanghai, and was opened grandly by executives from PacificNet and Bellsystem24 in an opening ceremony.

The two parties signed the joint venture agreement in January of this year, with PacificNet owning a 40 percent equity stake and Bellsystem24 with 60 percent of Bell-Pact. Aggregate investments totaled about $643,000.

The joint venture will principally offer CRM call center consulting and training services, technical and business consulting services, network product sales, software development, system integration, value-added services and the soon-to-be classic “other relevant services.”

PacificNet, Inc. is a provider of gaming technology, e-commerce, and Customer Relationship Management in China. PacificNet’s gaming products are specially designed for Chinese and Asian gamers with products including multi-player electronic table games such as Baccarat, Sicbo, Fish-Prawn-Crab; roulette machines; server-based games with multiple client betting stations; slot and bingo machines; video lottery terminals; and multimedia entertainment kiosks.

PacificNet’s gaming clients include hotels, casinos, and gaming operators in Macau, Asia, and Europe. E-commerce and CRM clientele includes telecom companies, banks, insurance, travel, marketing and business services companies; clientele here includes China Telecom, China Mobile, Unicom, PCCW, Hutchison Telecom, Bell24, Motorola, Nokia, SONY, TCL, Huawei, American Express, Citibank, HSBC, Bank of China, Bank of East Asia, DBS, TNT, China and the Hong Kong government. PacificNet employs about 1,200 staff in offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Macau and Zhuhai, China, the US, and the Philippines.

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