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With the recent release of Chatter a cloud-based enterprise social-collaboration platform, is pushing for enterprises to get vocal. Chatter is a solution that creates openings for developers to build and resell apps (which contain the platform). Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Chatter uses familiar social networking features.  This includes the use of profiles, status updates, and real-time feeds. Additionally, Chatter allows businesses to collaborate on documents, and also gives the option to “follow” people, businesses, and applications.

Salesforce’s Chatter has only one main goal, and that is to increase business intelligence by initiating up to date insights on programs, projects, people, customers, cases, documents, and business data. Chatter can open up the lines of communication for businesses better that any other platform in the past. Companies can now find a new level of collaboration with Chatter.

Chatter specifically is a Cloud 2 application, which is the second generation of cloud computing (social, mobile, and real-time).  Chatter is the first Could 2 application that is a collaboration application. It uses a secure platform that facilitates continuous cooperation within a company.

Currently, Salesforce is trying to gain the attention of developers to potentially construct new original applications based on Chatter. Also created is a rather large opportunity for Independent Software Vendors to produce software that utilizes platforms like Salesforce’s Chatter. 

Salesforce’s latest moves are making way for the company and its partners to create solutions that go beyond CRM.

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  1. This is want I think about Salesforce.Com Chatter:
    “Cool. Fun. Easy. Useful. Flexible. Cumbersome. Collaborative. Accessible. Straightforward. Convenient.Revolutionary.”

    Please vote for my ideas for Chatter in the Salesforce CRM Community!:

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