World’s Largest Roommate Matching Service Reduces Service Requests By 50% With Parature

RoommateClick Increases Customer Support Efficiency and Gains Critical Insights with Parature Customer Support Solution

Vienna, VA (February 12, 2011) – Parature, provider of award-winning, on demand customer support software, announced today that MoveOnIn Network, operator of RoommateClick, the world’s largest online roommate matching service, is using Parature’s Customer Support Solution. Since deploying the solution in January 2006, MoveOnIn has seen a reduction in its volume of customer service requests by 50%, created service continuity across multiple departments, tracked and reported on support trends and metrics, and offered value-added services to customers. “Using Parature’s Customer Support Solution makes much better sense for our business than using email or other outdated methods, particularly as it not only improves the quality of service we provide to our customers, but it enables us to directly impact our bottom line through value-added services that customers can opt to pay for,” said David Dembowski, Director, Business Development, MoveOnIn Network.

RoommateClick is an online service that matches people with roommates and enables landlords to fill available rental property space. Servicing customer needs quickly and efficiently is imperative, especially in larger metropolitan areas where available rental space is scarce and tenant turnover is high. Prior to using Parature’s Customer Support Solution, RoommateClick used the Microsoft Outlook® email program to manage and respond to customer support requests. As the company grew, it became increasingly difficult to maintain continuity of customer data across departments, track support issues from start through resolution, record commonly asked questions, and report on support department status to management. “Before using Parature we were in a reactive position, but now with the online support portal integrated into our website, customers often find answers to their own questions through our knowledge base articles and don’t need to contact us, reducing the volume of support requests we receive by 50%,” stated Mr. Dembowski. “Additionally, we’ve benefited significantly from the ability to generate reports on any data within the Parature system, and have already worked with our IT department to resolve some issues based on hard evidence found in the reports.”

A key part of RoommateClick’s strategy for consistent fast service is Parature’s live online chat feature, as they now offer chat for a small fee to customers needing immediate assistance. The company plans to soon begin using Parature’s online discussion forums, where customers can post public messages, also offering access to customers for a small fee. “The chat and forum features offer a lot of added value to customers, and adds another revenue stream into our business model, so it’s a win-win situation,” said Mr. Dembowski.

While researching customer support solutions, RoommateClick was told by other vendors that it would take six months or longer until the solution was functional, while Parature had its solution fully operational in only 3 weeks. “Parature is a great business partner and delivered everything they said they would, on time and on budget,” stated Mr. Dembowski. “We had our doubts at first as we had heard much longer implementation timelines from the other companies, but were very pleasantly surprised when Parature had everything ready in a fraction of that time.”

Source: Parature