RightNow CX November 09, with Fully Integrated RightNow Social Experience, Helps Companies Embrace Social Networking to Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Alcatel-Lucent, Husqvarna, Hi-Rez Studios and Rez-1 use RightNow to Facilitate Customer Communities, Create Customer Loyalty and Reduce Support Costs; EDR wins Forrester Groundswell Award using RightNow Social Experience

Bozeman, Mont (November 30, 2009) – RightNow (NASDAQ: RNOW) CX November 09 is now generally available. RightNow CX, the customer experience suite, is comprised of three primary customer engagement points–the Web Experience, the Social Experience, and the Contact Center Experience– to ensure a seamless experience, regardless of the number or type of interactions initiated. RightNow CX November 09 includes the fully integrated RightNow Social Experience, which consists of the RightNow Support Community, RightNow Innovation Community, RightNow Social Experience Designer, and RightNow Cloud Monitor.

“We have been very pleased by the overwhelming response to RightNow CX. Companies are looking to RightNow to help them use the power of the social web to improve customer experiences.”
David Vap, chief solutions officer, RightNow
Companies Tap RightNow to Help Them Deliver Better Experiences on the Social Web

Husqvarna, a global leader in outdoor power equipment and a long-standing RightNow customer, recently chose the RightNow Social Experience to connect their world-wide network of customers. These communities will promote interaction and sharing of ideas; improve brand loyalty, engagement and advocacy; and ultimately create better customer experiences.

Hi-Rez Studios, an independent video game development studio, has selected the RightNow Social Experience to build out the community for its upcoming massive multi-player online game, Global Agenda. The game’s rich player-driven politics and team-based game play rely on a strong community, and RightNow’s social networking capabilities allow players to more easily interact with and find one another while sharing videos and ideas. Also, in an effort to increase customer support efficiencies and reduce support costs, Hi-Rez Studios is adding the RightNow Support Community to its existing RightNow deployment. Single sign-on and integrated search capabilities with the RightNow Knowledge Base will improve the customer service experience and allow forum posts to be escalated into incidents.

REZ-1, a services and online application provider to the freight transportation industry, recently selected RightNow Social Experience as the platform on which it will build its online customer community. The RightNow Innovation Community will enable REZ-1 to more fully engage customers in its development process, thereby improving the utility of its solutions. The community will also serve as a customer support channel and a forum for REZ-1 users to share insight into how to most effectively use REZ-1’s applications.
RightNow Customer EDR Wins Forrester Groundswell Award

Environmental Data Resources (EDR), the leading provider of environmental risk information services, recently won a Forrester Groundswell Award for its online community, ‘commonground’. These awards recognize companies achieving excellence in business and organizational goals with social technology applications. The commonground community includes blogs, discussion posts, educational opportunities, market research, job boards, networking opportunities, and more.

“In just 18 months, commonground has become a valuable destination for our industry. RightNow helps us to provide community members with a place to go to learn, network, and collaborate. Our relationship has enabled us to improve the overall customer experience and increase the amount of return visitors to commonground.”
Mark Wallace, vice president of social media, EDR

Click here to learn more about EDR’s use of RightNow.
Companies Reap Rewards from RightNow Cloud Monitor

RightNow Cloud Monitor helps organizations proactively monitor conversations on third-party social networking sites, follow relevant discussions, and determine actionable next steps such as proactive outreach or creation of a service case. J&P Cycles, a mail-order company of aftermarket parts and accessories for motorcycles, uses RightNow Cloud Monitor to monitor YouTube and Twitter and generate real-time feedback; this helps J&P reduce costs by decreasing support staff.

“Conversations are taking place on social networking sites about your organization no matter if you like it or not. We found that with the use of RightNow Cloud Monitor, we are able not only to track these external conversations, but also to participate and provide feedback to those customers that are looking for specific answers.”
Rich Brecht, senior call center manager, J&P Cycles
The RightNow Social Experience

Available now with RightNow CX November 09, the RightNow Social Experience includes:

* RightNow Support Community to enable peer-to-peer support through discussion forums, question and answer pairing and resource libraries. In the RightNow Support Community, an organization or customer can answer a question once, for the benefit of the entire community; organizations can also identify product or service issues before they become support issues.
* RightNow Innovation Community to drive product innovation by capturing customers’ best ideas. Surfacing customer insight can accelerate product innovation cycles, reduce product development costs, uncover new business opportunities and drive revenue.
* RightNow Social Experience Designer to create, expand and customize a community to fit specific business needs. This online community platform includes administration tools to create a highly personalized social experience for customers.
* RightNow Cloud Monitor to proactively monitor conversations on Twitter and YouTube about products or brands, follow relevant discussions, and determine actionable next steps such as proactive outreach or creation of a service case.

“Everyone knows social media is important; it is rapidly changing the way organizations deliver customer service. If companies want to ensure great customer experiences today, they must embrace social media as a support channel. It is important to integrate the social media tools into a cohesive customer experience platform to build online communities and deliver better customer support. It can also help to surface ideas that drive product development.”
Sheryl Kingstone, director, Yankee Group

Source: RightNow