Oncontact Software Launches Microsoft Windows Vista Compatible Customer Relationship Management Application Suite

Oncontact CRM 6.0 provides mid-market companies with an easy-to-use, advanced solution for building stronger business relationships-

Cedarburg, Wis (June 05, 2007) – Oncontact Software today announced the release of Oncontact CRM 6.0, the industry’s first CRM software to update its graphical user interface and visual style to complement Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. Based on the latest Microsoft.NET platform, Oncontact CRM 6.0 enables mid-market organizations to easily automate pertinent business information to develop effective sales, marketing and customer service strategies. It is also the only CRM solution available to offer project management capabilities.

“Our CRM solution is the first to integrate the updated look and feel of Microsoft Windows Vista making it easy to use for customers already familiar with the Windows Vista interface,” said Jon Zimmerman, president, Oncontact Software. “The unique project management module also provides an additional tool to help organizations build strong relationships and grow their businesses efficiently.”

Oncontact CRM 6.0 is an easy to use, quick to implement, customizable and affordable CRM solution. It stores vital customer information on one central screen, allowing users the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently with potential prospects and existing customers. Additional features include Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility, Lotus integration, a time billing module and an advanced search function.

“Oncontact CRM 6.0 offers mid-market organizations the tools and support they need to enhance communication and relationships with customers while also generating new business leads in a proficient manner,” Zimmerman added. “As a result of improved communication, organizations experience reduced costs, an increase in productivity and overall business success.”

Developed for use right out of the box, Oncontact CRM 6.0 is compatible with industry-standard solutions including Microsoft SQL Server. In addition, a toolkit is provided for users to customize the application according to personal preference. Customer service and a help desk management system are available to track service inquiries, incidents and problems. Oncontact CRM 6.0 is offered at one price per user.

Source: Oncontact Software