Oncontact Software Announces Oncontact CRM 6.3

CEDARBURG , WIS (October 10, 2008) – Oncontact Software, a leading provider of .NET based customer relationship management (CRM) software systems for the mid-market, today announced Oncontact CRM 6.3 which will be available in December 2008.

Oncontact CRM, Version 6.3 builds upon the vast experience and leadership that Oncontact Software has in the CRM marketplace with mid-market companies. The latest version expands the award-winning CRM application suite with its experienced feature set, ease of use and quick implementation.

“We are pleased to unveil the latest enhancements of Oncontact CRM,” said Jon Zimmerman, president of Oncontact Software. “Oncontact 6.3 reflects the latest technological enhancements while providing the CRM market with easy to use and affordable CRM systems for mid-market companies.”

Following are some of the new features included in Oncontact CRM, Version 6.3:

Oracle support (Web and CRM)
Oncontact 6.3 now supports Oracle databases (version 10g and greater) for the CRM and Web products. This includes the Oncontact Sync feature.

Digital Dashboards
Digital dashboards are added to Oncontact CRM and Web providing views to key performance indicators and other company data. These dashboards include interactive features, drill down capabilities, and may be tailored to each individual’s preference. Standards ones provided out of the box include Sales, Customer Service, and Campaign Management for CRM.

Oncontact Web
Oncontact Web includes new role and membership providers to work with multiple DBMS vendors.

MSSQL and Oracle are supported in 6.3, with more added in the future. The ASP.NET provider may still be used with MSSQL databases but is not required.

A localization utility is added to define and distribute language translation libraries for the Oncontact CRM application. All strings in the application may be translated and translation libraries provided by group or user.

Oncontact Web
Advanced searching and Mass Assign features are added to Oncontact Web. Advanced searching allows users to construct criteria on the fly, using an intuitive interface, and optionally save queries for repeated use.

Mass Assign options from search pages match the CRM counterparts, allowing for assignments and updates to a group of records returned by a query. Export options are added to query results section throughout the application.

An Order tab is added to Client portal for viewing the status of orders.

In addition, the home page for partners includes a customizable message and alert section similar to the Client portal. This provides news and information on important.

Similar to the options in the Employee Portal, partners may manage Alerts, Incidents, and Opportunities to which they are assigned as a representative.

Source: Oncontact Software