Oncontact Software and EasyRun Partner for Mid-Market Multi-Media Contact Center Integration

CEDARBURG, WIS. & RAANANA, ISRAEL (January 15, 2002) – Oncontact Software Corporation, a leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software for the mid-market, and EasyRun, a leading provider in multi-media contact center management systems, today unveiled a technology and marketing partnership for their respective product lines for the mid-market.

Oncontact Software’s industry leading CRM applications have a long history of providing advanced integration with leading call and contact center organizations. EasyRun has developed key technologies for a complete multimedia (voice, e-mail, fax and web) management software solution mid-market contact centers. The target of both Oncontact Software and EasyRun is to provide a combined turnkey solution offering a complete CRM system with multi-media contact center software features.
The combined solution will allow companies to increase the level of service provided to their customers, while decreasing the overall operation and maintenance cost of their contact center.

EasyRun’s contact center solutions provides its customers with an extremely easy to use interface that enables non-technical personnel to manage and administrate the contact center system, while deriving maximum utilization of features including multimedia routing options, real-time call center monitoring capabilities, graphical historical report generation, easy to use agent workstation, information retrieval and integration from the Oncontact CRM system, and a web contact center.

Oncontact and EasyRun support a wide variety of PBXs and new generation IP PBXs, with the ability to use the same application across either or both telephony platforms. This provides a savings cost by averting the need for new integration, training and contact center down time.

The combined solution enables companies to increase the level of service provided to their customers, while decreasing the overall operation and maintenance cost their contact center.

“We are extremely excited to partner with EasyRun to provide a combined CRM and multi-media contact center solution,” said Tim Vertz, director of business development for Oncontact Software. “As CRM systems are maturing in the marketplace, Oncontact sees a greater demand for CRM solutions that incorporate multi-media contact center features.”

“EasyRun’s technology and rich features provides a very natural fit for Oncontact Software as its capabilities complement their CRM solution, enhancing the level of service provided to customers,” said Avi Silber, president of EasyRun. “With the combined EasyRun/Oncontact Solution, contact centers will have a distinct competitive and technological advantage in the marketplace and be able to better service their customers at a lower cost.”

Source: Oncontact Software