I-Control Alliance Selects Soffront On-Demand CRM to Manage New Business Venture

FREMONT, Calif. (January 25, 2011) – Soffront® Software Inc., www.soffront.com, a leading provider of CRM software for over eighteen years, today announced that I-Control Alliance, LLC (www.iqsanalytics.com) selected Soffront integrated CRM to manage almost all aspects of their new business. I-Control Alliance provides policy accuracy and compliance services.

“This is a new company, so we were looking for a CRM software that could help us not only track and manage sales leads, teams, and customers, but to also aid us to manage projects and provide alerts,” said Stephen Kelly, President of I-Control Alliance. “Additionally, we wanted a customer portal to provide customer access to asset information and a partner portal to add in the near future.

“We reviewed many CRM and project management providers including SalesForce.com, SugarCRM, PlanPlus, HyperOffice, etc., plus a few specialized software vendors. Many of them were good for what they were designed for, but the software was limiting in customization and out of the box functions, too complex to use and train others, or the cost was excessive,” explained Kelly.

“We wanted a CRM system that would support a startup operation with the flexibility to customize new business processes and workflows as they are identified,” said Vickie Pullen, a business consultant working with I-Control Alliance.

“We recognize the potential of Soffront CRM to provide the tools we need to manage complex business processes and provide exceptional service to our customers. The ability to customize Soffront to service different industry specific needs is a definite plus,” continued Pullen. “In addition, the workflow automation tools will allow us to track and report important information and put the customer in control.”

About Soffront

For over eighteen years, Soffront has provided CRM software for small-to-medium sized companies. Compared to other leading CRM providers, Soffront CRM drives more sales by helping sales teams spend more time selling and less time administering CRM. Companies that switch to Soffront report significant cost saving by eliminating add-ons, as Soffront’s base product contains all of the required functionality. Soffront allows you to brand a customized solution, such as interfaces, company logo, and specific established processes without any additional programming. Soffront CRM provides a higher return on your investment with more revenue, more savings, and a better user experience. Soffront is privately held, debt-free, and profitable.


Source: Soffront