Microsoft to target the small and mid-sized markets

Microsoft has reiterated its commitment to create space for itself in the small and mid-sized market. This renewal of effort has generated reactions from skepticism to great interest. According to Rob Enderle, Enderle Group, Microsoft may find it difficult to move in easily into this market. He feels that small value-added retailers are best suited to cater to the software requirements of SMBs.

According to Gary Stowell, V.P, St. Bernard Software, San Diego, there are in excess of 240,000 small businesses in the US and more than 400,000 SMBs globally. The key to survive in the SMB software market is to have efficiency levels that support thin margins. SMBs typically have sales between US $ 5 million and US $ 1 billion. The employee strength can vary between 50 to 1000. says:

It is only natural that many vendors will put increased attention on the small-business market, said Michael Helfrich, senior vice president of product strategy and marketing at Jabber Inc., in Denver.

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