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AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc., a provider of telecom software solutions and IT security products and services, has announced this signing of a contract with China Unicom subsidiary Jiangsu Unicom to upgrade the existing billing and Customer Relationship Management to support its new GPRS services.

Currently plans call for Jiangsu Unicom to upgrade its GSM system to GPRS in three cities and offer services including MMS, Wireless Application Protocol browsing, and mobile Java applications. Under terms of the agreement, AsiaInfo will upgrade Jiangsu Unicom’s existing billing and CRM system to support billing and customer care for new GPRS services.

Jiangsu Unicom currently employs AsiaInfo’s convergent billing and unified customer care systems to support both GSM and CDMA services. Organized as a Delaware corporation, AsiaInfo began operations in the United States in 1993. The Company moved major operations to China in 1995 and played a significant role in the construction of the national backbones and provincial access networks for all of China’s major national telecom carriers, including China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Netcom. Since 1998, AsiaInfo has continued diversifying its product offerings and is now a major provider of telecom software solutions in China.

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