Another one enters the pool

You have to love the bravado: today jumped into the cram packed pool that is the CRM market, launching an integrated on-demand application which automates CRM, accounting and inventory control for smaller businesses. The MagSuite system includes core functions such as prospects / customers / vendors; items / services; sale opportunities; activities; cases / solutions; accounts receivable; accounts payable; general ledger; and reports in Excel and PDF formats. is available for US $30 per user per month.

A fifteen-day obligation-free test drive is available at is reportedly only the second integrated on-demand online CRM / accounting / inventory package on the US market, placing the small firm after mighty NetSuite. MagSuite PR claims that MagSuite prices are up to three times cheaper than NetSuite’s, though. The system seeks to offer secure and reliable data storage, hassle-free upgrades, secure access from anywhere with internet access, and real-time access. Future plans include transforming the application to a web 2.0 standard to offer desktop application user experience.

Following this well be the creation of an on-demand online development platform where companies will build and host web applications. Founded in 2002, MagSuite Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. MagSuite Inc. focuses on the development, sales and support the of on-demand web system for CRM, accounting, and inventory in the United States.

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