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Pros and cons of Open source vis a vis SaaS for an SMB

The key factors that influence an SMB’s choice of CRM, whether SaaS or open source, are expense, time taken to go live, extent of customization, dependability of the software, vendor’s standing in the market, and data security. A short-term CRM deployment is achieved in a more cost-effective manner with SaaS, where the per-user cost for […]

Open source CRM gains traction

Open source CRM, which was first noticed in the CRM market a couple of years ago, was not mature enough at that point in time to meet the requirements of the corporates. Now, according to SugarCRM, the market has awakened to the potential of open source CRM, yet it is not a technology that is […]

Novacoast, Inc. to partner with SugarCRM

Novacoast, Inc. a full service Information Technology (IT) services firm which focuses primarily on identity management, desktop management, security and open source customer relationship management (CRM) services, announced  20 March, 2006 that they are forming a partnership with SugarCRM. SugarCRM has earned a reputation as the world’s leading provider of open source customer relationship management […]

SaaS for compliance management

CRM is the largest Software as a Service (SaaS) market; however, it may not be so for a long. Compliance management is growing at a fast rate as one of the major software sectors to adopt the SaaS model. Other services being delivered on-demand include procurement, ERP, and document management. According to the report “Adoption […]

Daffodil CRM v1.5

Daffodil CRM v1.5 has been introduced by Daffodil Software. The key feature of the latest version of this open source CRM software is database independence. As the software is now database independent, it can be deployed with any database. At present, database scripts for SQL Server, MySQL, Firebird and Daffodil DB are available. The easy […]

Open source software from iRadeon Group Inc.

iRadeon Group Inc. is offering three open source applications by means of a dashboard-type interface. It is a low-cost alternative to online CRM systems from Siebel, Oracle, and The three applications that it offers include SugarCRM, an online course composition through the Atutor open source software, and project management through the NetOffice open source […]

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