CinTel Corp. announced its signing of a stock purchase agreement to acquire fully one hundred percent ownership and equity interests of Bluecomm Co., Ltd. for an aggregate purchase price of approximately $6.5 million. Bluecomm is a Korea-based DBM (Database Marketing) and CRM solutions provider.

Bluecomm entered the CRM business in 2005 and has special expertise in DBM and HSC solutions. HSC stands for “Home Service Center,” which is a bit of Kenglish known outside the Korean market as “call center and telemarketing services.” The Home Service Center market has grown rapidly in recent years, with market size ultimately expected to reach over $380 million in 2007.

Bluecomm’s is valued at approximately $6.9 million and the firm’s biggest win seems to be its exclusive contract to host HSC solutions for Pizza Hut Korea.

Founded in 1997, CinTel introduced what is touted as “Korea’s first dynamic server load balancer” and has now produced technology products including NAND flash memory packaging, LCD assembly, semiconductor packaging and testing specialists. CinTel also produces solutions for memory applications for home appliances, semiconductor and TFT-LCD application products.

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