Can’t Readily Forecast the Next Quarter? Implement Sales Tracking Software

You know how important sales forecasting is to the overall success of your business, yet you find it difficult to capture an accurate picture of how your sales reps are performing. Where is the breakdown in communication? Have you implemented robust sales tracking software to grab the information you need? Did you select a solution that was cheap and easy to install, but doesn’t perform the automated processes that sales tracking or sales contact management software should to allow you to do your job effectively? If the latter is closer to the truth, it may be time to take a closer look at what you need to accomplish with sales tracking software in your unique environment.

Sales Tracking Software to Keep Your Reps Motivated

You know it is a necessary evil – tracking your sales reps as they do their jobs. Of course, those who are good at sales really don’t like the micromanagement that is often involved in sales tracking software when the process is not automated. If sales reps have to continually provide information so you can project sales for the coming quarter, they are likely to get frustrated and provide only part of the information you need. How does that make you look if you forecast one thing and the outcome is completely different? Yes, there should be room for error, but even a drastic difference in revenue on the positive side still makes it look like you aren’t capturing the data correctly. And, your bosses aren’t always likely to care what platform you have in place to get the information –they just want the information. It may be time to implement a sales tracking software solution that captures information automatically so you can improve your accuracy and keep your sales reps doing what they love – selling.

Sales Tracking Software to Keep Your Bosses Happy

There is not always a meeting of the minds when it comes to C-level employees and sales reps. The former looks at hard data and numbers and the latter looks at opportunities and numbers. If both sides are looking at numbers, you need to have the right sales tracking software in place so they are looking at the same numbers. You don’t want your sales reps forecasting deals that are too low or lack profit. You also don’t want your bosses upset when there isn’t enough activity on the sales team to produce the numbers needed to drive results. Implement a robust sales tracking software platform to guide your reps to enter the necessary information to keep your bosses happy. Just be sure that sales tracking software also enables your reps to do their jobs effectively. If you can satisfy both elements with one solution, that is a great investment.

Sales Tracking Software and the Bottom Line

Sales reps often see the information they need to enter into the system as a process meant to simply keep them busy. You know how important it is to have your reps in the field selling, so invest in a sales tracking software platform that requires the least amount of busy work from your reps so they can stay focused on closing deals. After all, the value of the sales tracking software is truly in the increased revenues and greater profits the platform can provide. Without achieving both, the sales tracking software is just another thing taking up space on the server.