SAP CRM Review

About SAP

Founded in 1972, SAP has become one of the largest software companies worldwide. Seving over 89,000 customers, SAP provides on-demand CRM solutions that are easy to use and available by subscription.

SAP CRM software is part of the SAP Business Suite, and helps organizations reduce overall costs and improve decision-making. SAP CRM addresses the unique needs of companies in many major industries including: Public Sector, Auto, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Retail,  Telecommunications, Professional Services, Public Sector, High-Tech, Industrial, and Media.

SAP CRM Solutions


  • SAP Business All-in-One
  • SAP Business by Design
  • SAP Business One

SAP CRM Technology Model

  • Hosted
  • On-Premise

SAP CRM Highlights

Marketing Automation

  • SAP marketing automation helps to increase customer retention with capabilities in e-marketing, campaign management, list management, loyalty management, real-time offer management, and marketing resource and brand management.

Sales Automation

  • Increases collaboration across sales, marketing, and service teams to improve customer service.


  • Enhances customer satisfaction and response times with capabilities such as: service, interaction center, business communication management, real-time offer management, partner channel management, and e-Service.

Contact Center

  • Helps to maximize customer loyalty by providing specialized marketing campaigns and relevant offers.


  • Creates an online interactive channel to provide a targeted online experience for customers and easy-to-use customer self-service features.

IT Service

  • Enables ITIL-compliant IT processes to better manage incidents, problems, defects, finances, and more.

Benefits of SAP CRM

  • SAP CRM leverages marketing automation features to increase visibility and drive customer demand, while increasing ROI on marketing campaigns.
  • SAP CRM streamlines sales processes to deliver the highest level of value for customers. By focusing on these productive activities, SAP is able to help organizations improve customer loyalty.
  • Provides a consistent customer experience with high levels of service to resolve customer issues on first call, thereby increasing customer retention.
  • Provides web analytics integrated across sales, marketing, eCommerce, and service to gain insight and guide decision-making through e-business trends.

Happy Customers

AMD, Colgate-Palmolive, Phillip-Morris International, LyondellBasell, Pentax medical