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About Salesnet

Founded in 1999, Salesnet is part of RightNow, a customer-driven CRM provider that looks to give customers an unparalleled experience.  Salesnet has served as a pioneer in CRM solutions, and the latest release of Salesnet features a brand new interface loaded with a number of new features. The newly updated CRM software by Salesnet will be one of the premier solutions of the next decade.

Salesnet CRM software enhances sales effectiveness for companies serving in a number of industries including manufacturing, financial services, software and hi-tech, training and education.

RightNow is based in Bozeman, Montana and serves over 1,900 customers around the globe, while employing over 700 people. RightNow is a publicly held company listed on the New York Stock exchange uner symbol RNOW.

Salesnet CRM Solutions

  • Salesnet CRM

Salesnet CRM Technology Model

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Salesnet CRM Highlights

  • Using a Patented Sales ProcessWorkflow Engine, Salesnet provides end users with the ability to build multiple sales processes to drive sales efficiencies.
  • Salesnet creates multiple Smart Forms that help automate various activities for sales representatives ensuring that pipeline data is always accurate.
  • Makes activity tracking simple with color coding, by color coding activities sales personnel can know which activities require immediate action and which can be put on hold.
  • Salesnet allows users to slice and dice data to run an unlimited amount of queries. Customization features let users add and change fields and search filters for added flexibility.
  • Salesnet leverages Snapshot Reporting. This lets users compare snapshots of reports to other snapshots in order to spot trends and to easily see differences in forecasts.
  • Marketing Communication Manager- Automates marketing activities with custom templates to form letters, envelopes, and HTML using Microsoft Word, which can then be used for bulk email campaigns, proposal generation, and a number of other marketing communications.
  • Salesnet Provides Win/Loss reason codes for deals that let users analyze why opportunities are being won or lost.

Benefits of Salesnet CRM

  • Intelligent Pipeline Management features provide users with complete visibility of pipeline opportunities in real-time, as well as all related sales activities and sales activity history.
  • With easy–to-use customization, Salesnet end users can easily configure and implement their CRM system without paying for expensive consultants or other third party assistance.
  • Salesnet improves employee productivity by automating many tasks assigned to sales representatives, and increases customer satisfaction with improved response times.

Happy Customers

Sovereign Bank, LXE, ITSM Academy, Namasco, Valley Bakers

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