Landslide CRM Review

About Landslide CRM

Landslide is passionate about their sales and shows this by using real people with sales experience to help guide their customers in the right direction. Not only do they have a hard focus on sales, but Landslide pride themselves on having all the powerful sales tools it takes to make a successful sales team.

What Landslide CRM Can Do

Landslide CRM was created with all of the powerful key sales features and tools a business needs to succeed. On top of that, this software is amazingly easy to use and operate. With exclusive, intuitive checklist-format sales flow, salespeople are able to follow their company’s best sales process, which makes the entire team more productive and generates consistent results.

Satisfied Customers

Belo KHOU-TV, Graphco, Stone Source, BridgeStreet Worldwide, Metro fire, Willis Group Black Diamond Paving, Allegiance Holdings, CCGN & Associates,  Solution Tree Argent Trading, BlueCrest,  B-Line Medical, Cardioscore, Auto Insurance Express, ChopTank Transport, ProTrans International,  Bullfrog Spas, Carbis,  EthoSource, Postal Source, Aethon, Inc., BCM Controls

Landslide CRM Product(s)

  • Landslide CRM Platnum Package
  • Landslide CRM Gold Package

Product Key Features

  • Personal Sales Assistant
  • Mobile CRM
  • Contact & Account Management
  • Lead Management
  • Prospect Portal
  • Opportunity Management
  • Activity & Task Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • CRM Dashboard
  • CRM Reports
  • Web Conferencing
  • Email Marketing
  • CRM Plugins & APIs
  • Resource Library

Landslide CRM Technology

Landslide offers an easy to use and powerful solution that allows you to manage customers and prospects more efficiently. The solution also makes the business grow faster and on a more consistent basis.

Bottom Line

Although Landslide CRM software may be the perfect fit for your company, the people are what will make you more successful. Each personal sales assistant is dedicated to making it easy for you to input and manage all of your information. Landslide’s personal approach and simple software is what makes them the prestigious company they are.

Landslide CRM offers one of the most complete collaborative CRM software solutions on the market. Capabilities such as mobile CRM and integrated web conferencing make Landslide CRM an optimal choice for any organization needing anywhere, anytime connectivity.

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